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Zashka is an Exander living on the planet Petralis. An orphan from a very young age, Zashka grew up with his adoptive parents, Loth and Mela, and their biological daughters Fona and Delana. Zashka’s early childhood is relatively sheltered, and thus he grows up isolated from the attitudes that the dominant Zyrian population of Petralis hold about his species. This all changes on Zashka’s first day of school, which quickly turns from bad to worse as Zashka discovers exactly what others think of him.


Delana (Del, for short) is Zashka’s adoptive sister, two years his junior. She is Zyrian, along with the rest of Zashka’s adoptive family. Del is exceptionally smart, brilliant in all manner of technical and mechanical subject matter. At age seven, she begins to read Loth’s technical manuals… and actually enjoys them. She quickly becomes the genius kid in the family.


Atashka’s first appearance is in book iv, so I’m not going to say much about her at this point except that she’s an Exander and lives on Zyar.