The Exander Project consists of two distinct series: the Front Matter series (numbered with Roman numerals) and the Main Matter series (numbered with Arabic numerals). The Front Matter series covers Zashka’s childhood, while the Main Matter series starts as he becomes an adult. Four books are planned in each series. Note that this is an open set; there may be more books in the future.

The figure at left shows the logical flow of the books. Book i is currently in progress; I have a complete draft and am now editing the manuscript. The other books are in various states of planning, outlining, and writing.

Disclaimer: All of this is very much subject to change. Nothing is final until the books are actually published.

Additional Disclaimer: This series may take a very long time (read: decades) to be completely finished. Maybe never, if I add more books to the Main Matter series. You have been warned.

I post semi-annual updates on the project status to The Exander Project mailing list. If you want to follow along as I work on the books, or if you would like to be a beta reader, please subscribe to the list.