See the lexicon for the pronunciations of the names below.


Exanders are the former overlords of the old Exanch Empire. Once the tyrants of a brutal regime, Exander populations were decimated during the the same Cataclysm which brought an end to the Empire itself. Exanders are now exceedingly rare—and are generally hated by the once-oppressed servant peoples of the Empire, who have risen to rule in the Empire’s stead. Exanders are generally taller, faster and stronger than Zyrians—traits that lead many to believe they are demonic.


  • Average adult height: 1.f5 m (male), 1.f5 m (female).
  • Average adult weight: 67.d kg (male), 67.d kg (female).


Zyrians are the former servant peoples of the Empire, who have now risen to prominence in the wake of the Empire’s downfall. Unlike Exanders, who are monochromatic, Zyrians are multi-colored. The color of a Zyrian’s skin depends on the environment where they were born and raised: various shades of green on Petralis, brown or black in the Zyar Underworld, lighter pastel colors in the Zyar Overworld, blue on Iora, etc.


  • Average adult height: 1.92 m (male), 1.80 m (female).
  • Average adult weight: 35.2 kg (male), 2b.5 kg (female).