Hi there!

I’m Elliott Slaughter, and this is the home of The Exander Project, my crossover science fiction series that spans the intimate and the epic.

On his first day of junior high, Zashka steps on the bus and discovers that he is the only Exander. The other kids are frightened of him—terrified. Is he really as dangerous as they think he is?

For an overview of the series, see my first update. There are also pages on the people, species and planets of the Exander universe, as well as a roadmap that shows where I’m going with the series.

The best way to get updates from me is to sign up for the mailing list (below). I send updates at most twice a year. You can see a sample of past updates below—but note there is a delay between when I send to the list and when I post them here on the website (often months). So by far the fastest way to get updates is to sign up for the list.

I manage this list personally. It will never be shared with third parties. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks for reading!

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    Previous Project Updates

    • ChatGPT, AI and the Publishing Industry

      While I had various things planned for this update, I decided to write instead about the elephant in the room: ChatGPT, recent advancements in large language models (LLMs) and consequences (already realized and potentially upcoming) for the publishing industry.

      (I do include a short project update at the end for those who are following along.)

      Read more.

    • Age Scaling and Publishing Journey

      This update, sent to the mailing list around July 2022, comes in three parts:

      • Age Scaling: better known as crossover in the industry, this refers to targeting multiple age groups in a single book or series. I prefer the term age scaling because it conveys how the book “scales” with the reader. This section covers (in a spoiler-free way) how I plan to use age scaling in The Exander Project.

      • Publishing Journey: an overview of what the publishing landscape looks like from my vantage point, and the process required to get a book from finished draft to contracted for publication.

      • Status and Updates: I’ve been querying, and my mailing list subscribers got a snapshot of my query stats to date. These are not included in the online version, at least for now. (But if you’re curious, subscribe to the mailing list and I’ll be happy to send you a copy. Just let me know.) Anyway: I’ve made progress, but still have a lot further to go.

      Read more.

    • Master Plan

      In which I discuss the master plan for the series’ structure. (Posted to the mailing list in June 2021.)

      Read more.

    • Welcome

      In which I give an overview of the project and its history. (Posted to the mailing list in June 2020.)

      Read more.

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